Thursday, April 24, 2014
Capitalize on a Revolution of Historic Proportions

XaaS delivers "Anything as a Service", "Anywhere as a Service".

Technology is no longer a barrier in our personal lives.  So why is it still such a barrier in our work lives? XaaS is on a singular mission to transform the way we work. Our secure cloud computing platform is one of the first and only Federally C&A Security Certified cloud platforms on the market built on the following 3 principles:

  1. Your data and applications are YOURS
  2. Your data and applications are SECURE
  3. Your data and applications are TRANSPORTABLE

By delivering the highest level of integration possible, we’ve made computing radically simple. Deployments and tasks that used to take days, weeks or months, now take minutes, allowing us to deliver a range of services faster and more securely.

Our services range from single cloud servers to complex cloud hosting to full infrastructure projects utilizing our revolutionary XaaS ColoCloud service or XaaS CloudBridge – and application performance is no longer an issue with over 5000 XaaS Enabled Offices and Data Centers nationwide having direct-to-cloud connectivity.

Whether you’re a company looking for a unified communications solution, a medical practice seeking to implement a comprehensive EHR  solution or an enterprise seeking to establish secure telecommuting for your staff, XaaS delivers dramatic business results.

"After years of unreliable communication and ongoing IT problems - XaaS secured our infrastructure, moved us to their cloud and resolved everything in two days. We've had no problems since."

James Bienen
Madison 88


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