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About XaaS

Over 150 Federal agencies and private companies utilize the XaaS Cloud because we deliver:

  • A unified multi-location Public (Internet) and Private (On-Premises) cloud solution.
  • Military-grade security
  • Complete control over your data

With headquarters in the Washington D.C. Metro Area, XaaS is the continuation of over 15 years of cooperation among a diverse group of technology professionals and companies. The experience of our founding member's include some of the most highly secure and demanding environments including commercial unified communications systems, unmanned aerial vehicle systems, NATO 50th Summit tracking systems for the U.S. Department of State, White House, GSA, USMC Commandant's War Fighting Lab systems, and more.

We deliver the promise of Cloud Computing by:

  • Overcoming cloud's technical limitations.
  • Addressing security concerns with military-grade solutions.
  • Making migration to the cloud simple and seamless.
  • Eliminating data, application and platform lock-in.

XaaS Defined

XaaS pronounced |zah-ss| or |zaas| ▸ acronym

XaaS is a collective term said to stand for a number of things including "X aa Service" or "Anything as a Service " or "Everything as a Service. " The acronym refers to an increasing number of services that are delivered over a cloud computing environment either via a Public Cloud (Internet) or Private Cloud (On-Premises). XaaS securely unifies the public and private cloud, delivering the promise of cloud computing.

XaaS encompasses SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), HaaS (Hardware as a Service), MaaS (Management as a Service), CaaS (Communications as a Service) or DaaS (Data or Database or Desktop as a Service).

Latest News

Founder Snapshots

  • Christopher Grady

    Experience: IceWarp, DoD, NATO, White House, U.S. State Department NATO 50th Summit, SEO, USMC Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems.

  • Bruce Troutman

    Experience: US Gov, Exxon, NATO, GA Pacific, OMB, GSA, NIST, Mobil Oil, USMC, DHS, USSS, DOS, DFACS GA, DFACS DC, DoD.

  • Jason Meisels

    Experience: Unisys, Largest Active Directory Project, DataCall, DoD, Department of the Army, National Guard, the Reserves, Cloud and Virtualization.


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