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Unified Communications

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The first cloud-based unified communications ecosystem purpose-built from the ground up to meet the demands of UC.

Unified Communications (UC), just like Cloud Computing, has many definitions depending on who you speak with – and just like cloud computing, the results from a successful UC deployment are what matters, not the definition or the specific technologies used.

Again, just like Cloud Computing, Unified Communications starts with just a technology. However the UC technology you choose is only the beginning and often the least expensive part.

Central your successful UC deployment is:

  1. Security: The often most overlooked and expensive component of UC.
  2. Application performance: The ability for the underlying architecture to deliver the performance necessary for a reliable Unified Communications platform.
  3. Platform scalability: The ability for a platform to scale up or down to meet the demands of the UC platform you have chosen.
  4. Reliable delivery of UC services: The ability to deliver services, including Voice over IP, reliably – often remotely to a mobile workforce.
  5. Integration: The ability of your Unified Communications platform to integrate seamlessly with your current architecture.

The cost and complexity of delivering security, application performance, platform scalability, reliable delivery of services and true integration is often so complex, time consuming and costly that many Unified Communications implementations fail.

The XaaS Cloud Computing Platform

The XaaS Cloud Computing Platform was purpose-built from the ground up to meet and exceed the demands of Unified Communications.

Our unique and highly secure approach to cloud computing ensures that demanding applications such as Unified Communications has a complete, unified and tightly engineered cloud platform that can reliably deliver UC services not only to the last mile within an organization, but securely to the last few feet within and organization. Period.

XaaS Cloud Computing Benefits for Unified Communications

  • Proven Security: XaaS is one of the first cloud platforms to be C&A Certified (Security Certification and Accreditation), and has Authority to Operate for the Federal Government. This certification exceeds private sector requirements.

  • Application Performance: While many cloud computing companies have built their cloud on commodity hardware or non-standard custom-built "pizza boxes", the XaaS Cloud is built on high performance enterprise-grade equipment point to point. This increases the performance of our cloud and allows the performance of our cloud servers to exceed the performance of stand-alone hardware.

  • Platform Scalability: XaaS is the first cloud platform to allow you to seamlessly scale your cloud geographically using XaaS CloudBridge technology - allowing your cloud architecture to migrate point to point with zero impact to end users.

  • Full Data Control: Your data is yours. Your data is secure. Your data is transportable.

  • Reliable Delivery of Services: Cloud-based services are only useful if the services are delivered reliably point to point. Our architecture is located at a central point to the Internet and the National network infrastructure. We are capable of delivering services with 2 to 3 millisecond response times across an entire Metro area. We have the ability to establish direct-to-cloud connectivity with an SLA to virtually any point in the United States and currently have over 5000 XaaS Enabled office buildings and data centers capable of providing scalable 100MB/s to 40GB/s fiber connectivity without the need to upgrade fiber to achieve greater bandwidth.

  • XaaS SIP Service: No More Wires - The XaaS SIP Service delivers dial tone directly to your Unified Communications platform with sub-millisecond response times. No more wires - No more capacity bottlenecks - No more complex migration issues - the XaaS SIP Service simple moves with your cloud architecture. It's simply the clearest SIP service you have ever experienced.

  • Integration: XaaS doesn't change the way you use computers, we make your computing radically more efficient. We are able to move an entire organizations computing resources to the cloud without zero impact to end users and without changing the way those computing resources interact.




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