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Capitalize on a Revolution of Historic Proportions

A revolution of historic proportions is taking place. Even the most outspoken skeptics now concede that the monumental productivity gains delivered by secure cloud computing and its ability to deliver powerful services on-demand are giving enterprises of all sizes the power and ability to do things they clearly couldn't do before - such as XaaS MD.

But what is cloud? Everyone has a different definition of cloud computing. The corporate IT staff might know cloud when it sees it; it just can't tell you exactly what it is, or exactly how it should be used.

That's our expertise.

We've built one of the most secure cloud computing platforms on the market, and XaaS will show you how to best use the cloud to co-exist with your current IT infrastructure while following 3 important principles:

  1. Your data and applications are yours
  2. Your data and applications are secure
  3. Your data and applications are transportable
XaaS = Zero Lockin

The XaaS Professional Services Approach

Advanced Cloud technology needs a customization and deployment strategy to ensure success. XaaS Professional Services ensure successful project adoption and participation to meet your business objectives.

We offer a full range of services spanning the entire life cycle of your cloud computing initiative. From project inception through implementation and beyond, our team partners closely with you to develop and implement a solution tailored to your unique business demands.

Our Professional Services consultants are passionate about using cloud technology to radically transform enterprises of all sizes, from our work with small 10-person companies to our Federal work spanning 154 Federal Agencies. We bring a rich set of best practices and proven methodologies to each engagement that are based on deep technical, business and development experience with enterprise deployments. Our professional delivery team leverages unparalleled expertise in cloud technology and can rapidly analyze and implement powerful business solutions that will transform your organization and allow you to focus on your core competency.

Strategic Consulting

Learn proven methodologies, best practices and how to best utilize the radical efficiencies delivered by cloud computing.

Technical Consulting

Our consultants are experts at analyzing your business vision and assimilating it into a technical blueprint for a XaaS Cloud Computing deployment. From installation, configuration and tuning through enterprise application integration, our consultants understand the "why" every bit as much as the "how".


Learning how to best use your cloud implementation is an important key to your success. Get your team ramped up quickly with instructor-led training, remote webinars, or an operations manual specific to your organization.

Support Services

Our experienced support team provides enterprise-class service and offers a wide range of service levels depending on your business needs.

Service Partner Network

We leverage our network of partners to help meet the wide range of installation and customization requirements of our customers.


 Secure Cloud Computing


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