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Though XaaS' primary focus is highly secure cloud computing – cloud computing is only part of the overall IT infrastructure equation.

The Network & Internet Security Services department of XaaS is focused on providing highly secure and reliable connectivity for your entire workforce to your XaaS Cloud infrastructure.

We deliver high-end analysis, design, implementation and support for LANs, WANs, DNS, Directory Services, SSL, DHCP, Firewalls, VPN and E-mail gateways.

With a solid foundation in TCP/IP and extensive experience in all the above disciplines, XaaS Network & Internet Security Services team has the right solution for your environment. Our deep relationships and understanding of the industry's leading network and security vendors enables us to deliver highly secure and reliable services throughout your organization from point to point, regardless of your location.

Network security is no longer a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. Organizations demand that applications delivered from the cloud are fast, reliable and have proven security. The XaaS Network & Internet Security Services team has a special passion in this area and we utilize our expertise in building one of the worlds first C&A certified cloud computing platforms to deliver the same security throughout your entire organization.

XaaS Network Security Analysis

The XaaS Network Security Analysis is a comprehensive report tailored to meet your needs – providing you with a solid understanding of the pros and cons of your current security deployment.

We provide you with a blueprint for moving forward in the most cost efficient and technically favorable manner.

Whether your needs include a XaaS firewall appliance, an Enterprise-Wide unlimited security strategy, a purely managed security service with strong (two factor) authentication, URL management, virus protection, intrusion detection, DDOS protection or Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – XaaS can implement and support the total solution allowing you to focus on your core business.




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