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Technical Consulting

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Technical Consulting

XaaS’ team of highly skilled engineers and system architects can help ensure the success of your Cloud Computing rollout. We specialize in delivering architecture, installation, configuration, customization, integration, and migration of your solution.


Our cloud computing approach is not just about computing power on demand, it’s about taking the most difficult aspects of computing and making them radically simple including – providing secure anytime / anywhere access to all of your systems, delivering applications and communication to a mobile workforce, and delivering a seamless 'office to cloud' and 'cloud to office' solution.


We’ll handle the details –XaaS engineers can configure, install and tune your cloud environment to ensure maximum performance and success.


XaaS offers an array of features, customization and performance capabilities to meet the needs and price points of organizations of all sizes. Our staff can help you configure your systems to best support your unique needs.


To meet your unique requirements, our engineers can both advise you as well as implement customizations. Rely on our expertise to maximize the use of cloud technology and the radical benefits it provides.


We have extensive systems integration experience, and can help tie your on-premises desktop systems seamlessly into your cloud environment – providing you a seamless desktop-to-cloud solution.


Moving to XaaS doesn’t mean you have to change the way you use your computers.  Migrating your current systems to XaaS is simple. Our P2V (Physical to Virtual) migration capabilities ensures that you can take advantage of cloud technology without changing the way you work. We can migrate your existing systems to the cloud and leave other physical systems in place, providing continuity for your end-users.


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