Thursday, April 24, 2014

True Comprehensive Security in the XaaS Cloud

Security, control, compliance or application performance shouldn't be tradeoffs for the efficiencies of cloud computing.

XaaS improves IT efficiency and agility while enhancing security. We don't change the way you use computers, we allow you to utilize our revolutionary platform to leverage your existing investments while moving toward a highly scalable, high performance cloud environment. By moving your infrastructure to XaaS, you place infrastructure in the optimal location, while fully retaining the ability to move workloads geographically if necessary. Our adaptive cloud-based approach delivers better-than-physical security.

Security C&A Certification and Accreditation

XaaS is one of the few clouds on the market to be officially certified and accredited to meet the highest level of security standards. This certification and accreditation process is also known as a C&A. Our C&A certification exceeds HIPAA and PCI compliance and gives us Authority to Operate for the Federal Government.

We employ these same high standards throughout the entire XaaS cloud to provide the same level of security to commercial, education and government customers alike. Our unique multi-layered protection adapts to the dynamic cloud environment.

Better-Than-Physical-Security Explained

XaaS handles the complexity of secure access as well as endpoint, application and edge network security within a single framework. You get business ready security included with XaaS Cloud services, including:

  • Adaptive Threat Management
  • DOS / DDOS Protection
  • Architecture that exceeds PCI & HIPAA standards
  • Web application protection
  • Two-factor authentication
  • VPN access with SSL
  • Infrastructure Air-gap
  • Traffic flow monitoring
  • Site-to-site VPN
  • Web load balancing
  • Endpoint security optimization

Reduce the Complexity of Endpoint, Application and Edge Network Security

XaaS consolidates your security infrastructure and eliminates the need to have security software installed on your operating systems. We also eliminate the need for dedicated security appliances and air-gapped solutions. With XaaS, servers can be migrated live with zero impact to end users; even geographically, while maintaining all security features.
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