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XaaS Private Cloud


We don’t change the way you use computers, we make computing radically more efficient.

XaaS Private Cloud solutions deliver dramatic IT efficiency, organization-wide agility and enhanced security.

A XaaS Private Cloud integrates seamlessly with your entire IT infrastructure - allowing you to leverage your existing investments while moving toward a highly scalable, high performance hybrid cloud solution.

XaaS delivers the ability to determine the optimal location for your workloads, whether  you have a communications platform that needs to be accessible to a mobile workforce on the XaaS public cloud, or an application such as an IP PBX that is best suited to an on-premises private cloud. You retain the ability to place each of your workloads in the optimal location, while fully retaining the ability to move workloads between or across private and public cloud.

Agility - Security – Control

  • faster time to market
  • scale your infrastructure based on business needs
  • greater standardization
  • rapid provisioning and self-service for all applications
  • improves the time to provision a workload from days to minutes
  • support more projects requested by the line of business
  • security SLA
  • performance SLA
  • uptime SLA
  • disaster recovery SLA
  • significantly enhances security through unique introspection
  • ensure that security policies stay in place regardless of location


  • consolidating physical infrastructures
  • run more applications with less hardware
  • automating common administration tasks
  • deliver IT accountability
  • define infrastructure products offered in a controlled self-service manner
  • allow IT staff to focus on higher value tasks


  • No lock-in
  • OS agnostic - supporting over 400 operating systems
  • evolve at your own pace
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